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 Temat postu: - Malifaux -
PostWysłany: 26 Lip 2012, 11:59 
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Brace yourselves, Malifaux second edition has arrived


So what is Malifaux?
- Malifaux is a skirmish game taking place in a Victorian/Western/Victorian/Horror/Steam-punk world. Most of
the action is centered around the city of Malifaux, in a parallel world to our own.
- All players take control over a powerful Master and his/her crew of minions, out to perform a specific goal.
- Instead of using dice, Malifaux use cards to resolve its' actions. You can either use a normal deck of cards or
a Malifaux specific deck. In addition to normal "Flips" (rolling dice) every player has a separate hand of cards
that you can use to change your "Flip".
- Before every game the playes will Flip a card to see what the shared Strategy (goal) of the upcoming battle will be. This can range from controlling Table quarters, to Placing objectives on the board. In addition to this, you will also Flip to generate a pool of 5 schemes (minor goals), of which both players select 2 each when creating their crew.
- In Malifaux you will know what Faction your opponent will be playing and what Strategy and Schemes will be available for the upcoming battle, before you start building your crew.
- In Malifaux you can actually win the game even if your whole crew has been wiped from the board.
- Malifaux will test your Strategic thinking to the limit.

Wyrd miniatures have recently released the second edition of Malifaux, which has streamlined the game and brought it to a whole new level. While removing some of the clunky rules and made sure to balance the game, they still kept the intricate system intact with the models synergy and kombos still in effect.

In the game you will take control of a master and his or her minions, from one of the seven factions that exist in the game. Under each faction description I will include short information about the Masters currently available.

The Guild
They are the self proclaimed law in Malifaux, making sure to control the lifes of the citizens of Malifaux.
Making use of Whitch hunters, Necromancer cowboys and Gunslingers, they will make sure to keep their power.

+ Lady Justice: Her courage is legendary and her verdict is swift. Beware the blind justice.
+ Sonnia Criid: With wave after wave of flame she will purge those who practice outlawed magic.
+ Perdita Ortega: Her family already a legend in Malifaux, this gunslinger hunt monsters without fear.

The Resurrectionists
Few things scares the citizens of Malifaux more than coming face to face with the undead.
The Resurrectionists are the crazed ones who try to gain power through the summoning of the living dead.

+ Nicodem: When his shadow falls over the cemetery the dead rise to do his bidding.
+ Dr McMourning: Working in the morgue gives a lot of time to experiment with the dead.
+ Seamus: A glint of metal in the dark alley severs the life from yet another young woman.

The Arcanists
All magic (except the one wielded by the guild of course) is considered outlawed in Malifaux. The Arcanists are
a hidden organization trying to uproot the current power through outlawed means.

+ Ramos: In every generation a genius is born. All who met Ramos agree this to be true.
+ Marcus: A howl in the wind let you know too late that his pack is hunting you.
+ Rasputina: She controls the winter storms and will bring the ice to life against you.

Before humanity arrived in Malifaux, something else lived here. The Neverborn are the native population of Malifaux.
They take the form of legends and nightmares from the human world.

+ Lilith: The mother and queen on monsters is as deadly as she is beatiful.
+ Pandora: You've heard the stories of the Box. They are all true. All the sorrows follow her.
+ Zoraida: In the bayou, there is said to live an old hag that can change your future for a price.

The Outcasts
Where ever there is conflict, there will be people taking advantage of the situation.
Mercenaries, the ones hidden from society and the creatures that don't belong. The Outcasts have them all.

+ Viktorias: Their blades flash as they cut through their foes left and right... for the right price.
+ Tara: A conduit of the nothingness that bends reality surrounding creation.
+ Von Schill: The epitome of a mercenary. You pay, we fulfill the contract. No questions asked.

The Ten Thunders
A new power is rising behind the scenes in Malifaux. The Ten Thunders crime family has over the last couple of years
infiltrated the city of Malifaux and even the already existing factions.

+ Misaki: Ever been afraid of the legendary ninja? You have the right to be.
+ Mei Feng: Fueled by her fury she makes the workers rise up against the overlords.
+ Jakob Lynch: Pick a card. Any card. Oh, what do you know? You just lost your soul.


No one really knows how the gremlins have survived in the Bayous outside of Malifaux, but no one can deny their cunning.
Together with their pigs and large numbers, the Gremlins have united to push humanity out of the bayous.

+ Som'er Teeth Jones: With an iron fist a lots of home brewed liquor the gremlins follow his lead.
+ Ophelia Lacroix: Shooting the humans out of the bayou, one human at a time.
+ Brewmaster: Take a zip. Why not one more? Sit down and drink till you fall over. Stay as long as you want.

Are you ready to take fate into your own hands?

If it seems interesting and you want to try it out, please just send me a PM here, or even better, send me an e-mail to: Balefirestorm @

I am sometimes playing in the shop as well, so don't hesitate to come over and take a look at the game.


PS. Kristian chętnie poprowadzi demo w języku angielskim lub szwedzkim ;)
Prezentacja gry w języku polskim oczywiście także możliwa :) Zainteresowanych proszę o kontakt:

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Information updated.

Nothing up my sleeve...

 Temat postu: Re: - Malifaux -
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Nieważne w jakiej grze, nieumarli zawsze najlepsi...

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